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ELA Aviación, SL, a Spanish company founded in 1996, dedicated to manufacturing gyroplanes. ELA Aviation is the most important Spanish company manufacturer of ultralights. Our effort and dedication has focused on the design, development and manufacture of gyroplanes.
The Gyrocopter  is a rotary wing aircraft invented by the Spanish engineer Juan de la Cierva in 1923. ELA gyroplanes have a worldwide recognition thanks to the satisfaction of our customers and the safety and comfort of our machines, in constant evolution.
ELA Aviation is an innovative company, which bases its efforts on the design, various systems developed by ELA Aviation, as the geometry of the main structure, rotor design, electro pneumatic control system and so on… have created trend and have been imitated by many other manufacturers.
Currently the gyroplanes in production are ELA 07-Scorpion, 07-Cougar, 07-Agro ,  09- Junior and last creation ELA 10-Eclipse.

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