A popular and performing design, more than 10 years in the market. This two-seater, semi-enclosed gyroplane has been “the reference” of the last decade. A design icon, dynamic, with brilliant performance and lines that appeal to the world. The sales record endorses its attractive features. Now much better in a new versión 07-Scorpion. The ELA 07-Scorpion is a very solid gyroplane that has been tested under the most adverse conditions giving great results. A few hundred ELA 07S have already flown globally since their birth in 2005.


Our design team and craftsmen have combined to give you the finishing details equal those of a top gyroplane. You may choose from many options of upholstery and colors to customize to your desires and make it your own.
But if there is something that is really impressive it is the spacious cockpit with comfortable enveloping seats for both pilot and co-pilot.


With a large higher fairing, the 07-Scorpion will protect you from the wind even when flying in colder climates. It is equipped with a side door for easy access to the cockpit, a storage compartment of 100 liters, a rear instrument panel integrated into the fairing for instruction activities (optional) and an attractive tail unit design that ensures great stability and control.
The 07-Scorpion will meet your needs. Instrumentation, landing gear fairings and propeller spinner contribute to the incredible performance you expect from ELA products. Choose the optional extra large main gear tires which allow you to operate with ease in the roughest areas and you’ve got a versatile machine.


Structure manufactured in TIG-welded stainless steel, ensuring a long life cycle that shows no corrosion, even in the most unfavorable conditions.
The fairing, wheel assembly, empennage and seats are manufactured in epoxy resin reinforced with carbon fiber, which ensures superior rigidity and reduced weights.
The rugged rotor system is manufactured in duraluminum. Thanks to a precise and careful design it passes all destructive trials with the highest marks.
One new feature of the ELA 07-Scorpion is, the higher distance between the front wheel and the landing gear, offering great stability.
The new ELA 07-Scorpion is equipped with aluminium rotor blades. Our selection of individual blades, precise fitting and adjustment systems ensure a very low level of vibration and unparalleled aerodynamics.


The entire 07 line has the most advanced passive safety systems. Our design criteria incorporates high-absorption main landing gear, rotor brake, wheel brake with parking function and four-point belt in both seats as an option.


– Stainless steel airframe.
– Carbon fiber fairings and tailplane.
– Rotax 914 UL Turbo engine of 115 hp.
– Aluminum rotor blades (8’5m- 28ft).
– Helix H-50 three-bladed carbon fiber propeller with spinner.
– Powerful automatic pre-rotator.
– Electro-pneumatic pitch trim and rotor brake.
– Mechanical roll trim.
– Hydraulic disc brakes with parking system.
– 75 liters (20 gal) fuel tank.
– Foldable rear windscreen.
– High quality upholstered seats.
– Seats heating.
– Four points harnesses.
– Key-lockable glove/accessories compartment.
– 100 liters of storage compartments.
– Wide range of plain colors.
– Landing light.
– 5v-2A USB or 12v-10A power socket in instrument panel.
– Landing gear fairings.
– Wheels fairings.
– Oil thermostat.


– Digital airspeed ind.
– Digital altimeter and vertical speed ind.
– Digital compass.
– Trim pressure ind.
– “Kanardia EMSIS” multifunction digital instrument to control the engine parameters.
– Fuel level ind.

Technical data

* Max. take-off weight limited in European Type Certificates to 450 kg (990 lb).

* Parameters determined during the flight test campaign in ISA conditions (15ºC and sea level).

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