ELA crosses the Andes


ELA crosses the Andes


ELA crosses the Andes

¡Si Si Si....! Yes Yes Yes!!
We did it! The intrepid exploits of two pilots and two ELA Eclipse Gyros has successfully made the crossing of the formidable Andes mountain range last Sunday Dec 8th 2018

Transitioning above 14,000 feet the pilots, Francis Giménez and Fernando Lira successfully made this epic journey and world record commemorating the 82nd anniversary of the creator of the Gyroplanes, Juan de la Cierva’s untimely death, and this amazing feat also emulates the trans-Andes flight made by the Chilean First Lieutenant, Dagoberto Godoy, who flew a fixed-wing plane 100 years ago.

Proudly continuing this tradition of firsts, Spainish born and bred ELA are proud to be associated with this incredible feat and salute the pilots on this amazing and epic voyage.

You too can be part of the Eclipse Gyro experience by contacting us via our website ELAAviacion.com and you too could be fulfilling your own ambitions and flying high, (we suggest something a little more manageable at first!), let’s go!!

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